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Fed State- Bio chemistry

ATP that is generated is used for _______ and other energy-requiring processes in the cell.
Insulin greatly stimulates the transport of glucose into the two tissues that have the largest mass in the body: muscle and _____
Proteins contain amino acids that are linked through _______
After a high carb meal the pancreas is stimulated to release the hormone _____
_____ emulsfied in the intestine by bile salts, which are synthesized in the liver and stored in the gallbladder
________ obtained from the diet are used for the biosynthesis of proteins and nitrogen containing molecules and as an energy source.
Insulin is secreted from the ____ of the pancreas
Monosaccharidesproduced by digestion and dietary monosaccharides are absorbed by the intestinal epithelial cells and released into the ____________ which carries them to the liver
Makes the acetyl group more reactive, is a cofactor derived from the vitamin pantothenate.
As glucose is being oxidized to CO2, it is first oxidized to ______ in the pathway of glycolysis
Enzymes produced by the pancreas act in the lumen of the small intestine
Glucagon is released from the ____ of the pancreas.
_____ and RBC's use glucose as their primary energy source under normal conditions
_____ acts in the stomach
Liver cells
These travel through the blood, carrying messages between tissues concerning overall physiologic state of the body. They're released by endocrine glands
______ is the one fuel that can be used by all tissues
Not very soluble in water
Dietary proteins are cleaved by amino acids by enzymes known as...
Cleaved by enzymes in the brush border of intestinal epithelial cells.
In the liver, insulin promotes the uptake of glucose by ______ its use as a fuel and its storage as glycogen and TAG
Polymer of glucose
The TAG are packaged with proteins, phospholipids, cholesterol and other compounds into the lipoprotein complex known as
The release of insulin inhibits this hormone
Pyruvate is oxidized into ______ and this group enters the TCA cycle where it is completely oxidized to CO2.
Tiny microdroplets formed by the interaction between bile salts and the enzyme pacreatic lipase converting the TAG in the lumen of the intestine to fatty acids & 2-monoacylglycerols.
Many tissues store small amounts of glucose as _____
Converts disaccharide sucrose to glucose and fructose
Coverts disaccaride lactose to glucose and galactose
The liver packages TAG along with proteins, phospholipids and cholesterol into lipoprotein complexes called ______