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Constitutional Law

if provincial law impairs the __ of a federal law then it is usually dismissed
Overriding any laws that contradict it
Right of freedom of movement for Canadian citizens
Outside the jurisdiction of the enacting authority amendment process
When a parliamentary session is brought to a close
Government desired by Sir John A. Macdonald
The analysis of the limitations clause of the Canadian Charter
The courts are separate from the levels of government
Written laws made by legislative assemblies
Statute of __. that entrenched the independence from Britain
Act of 1867 and 1982
Section 3-5 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
___ and substance of the law
Peace, order, and good government
Involves adding language to the legislation to ensure conformity
Introduced by government, opposition or senate member and deals with a private matter
Court can declare that part of a legislation is invalid and sever it from the rest of the legislation
Involves complete overlap between a federal subject area and a provincial one.
Parliament system involving two houses in the making of statutes
Acronym from Canada's highest court