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Constitutional Law Puzzle

Regulates the securities industry and the financial sector
Government representing the aboriginal people of Canada
The legal doctrine that determines which legislation arises from different levels of government, and multiple governments can be responsible
The highest level of government
Written in 1867 and 1982
Outlines that no law maker is above the law
Clause that makes the constitution difficult to change or modify
Principles, architectural elements and conventions are examples of ___ elements of the Consitution
Branch of government that includes Head of State, Prime Minister and the Cabinet
In charge of hospitals and education
Concept that courts must follow previous decisions
Outside the powers of the government that enacted the law
Process to determine if a legislation is justified
Branch of government that makes laws
Allows law to be created by both provincial and federal governments
Name of legislation that resulted in the prohibition of a certain advertising of substance after 2005
Concept that judiciary needs to be separate from other branches of government
Level of government responsible for infrastructure and local services
Branch of government that interprets and applies the law
When conflict exists in the law, federal law will prevail