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Constitutional Law - Hannah and Rikin

When determining the validity a law, courts will establish its purpose and effect, also known as _______ and substance.
Federal ___________ can be invoked if a Federal and Provincial law are in conflict.
(2 words) accepted, regular, and established practices in relation to the Constitution.
The system of government that Canada uses, which divides jurisdiction levels of government.
(2 words) When a law is outside of the jurisdiction of the body that enacted it, it is considered _____ _____.
When the subject matter of a law falls under the jurisdiction of only the Federal or Provincial government, it is considered _________ jurisdiction.
The branch of Canadian government charged with interpreting and enforcing the law.
(2 words) A term describing a law whose subject matter falls under Federal and Provincial jurisdictions.
The Constitution constrains the way in which governments interact with ________.
Inter-jurisdictional ______ can be engaged if a law impairs the core of a jurisdiction that is not exclusively their own.
The branch of the Canadian government that includes the Prime Minister, Provincial Premiers and other appointed officials.
The branch of Canadian government which has the constitutional authority to make laws.
The Canadian Federal government has enumerated and ________ powers.
Two distinctive characteristics of Constitutional Law are that it is ________ and supreme.