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Tutorial 1 Law Crossword: Jamie Abtan, Kerry O'Shea, Stewart Baker, Oliver Statham

Legal term for a law that falls outside of the constitutional power of the government trying to enact it
Matters of a local and private nature
The Prime Minister is a member of which branch?
The kind of law that crates our institutions of government, regulates relationships between the branches of government, and constrains the way in which government interacts with individuals
What does Canada's Federal System of government do to jurisdiction?
The Federal _____ Act has prohibitions on tobacco advertising, with the exception of branding, price, and availability of the products.
One of the unwritten elements that deals with rule of law, judicial independence, federalism, and respect for minorities
The Federal Bank Act regulates bank _____
When the federal government has residual powers to create laws outside of what is set in the constitution when the laws are for peace, order, and good government.