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Constitutional Law (Michele, Jan, Eric, Neil)

This is the system of Government Canada follows. This system of government divides power between the Federal and Provincial governments.
A law is said to have a “….. ….” when the law’s subject matter falls within areas of jurisdiction of both the Federal and Provincial governments.
Constitutional law is “…….” law, meaning laws created by the legislative branch of government cannot conflict with the provisions of the Constitution.
The “…..” Test is used to determine when the limitation or override of a protected right or freedom is justified.
The Federal “…….” Principle suspends the operation of provincial law in favour of the Federal law where there is conflict between the Provincial and Federal laws put forward in an area of overlapping jurisdiction.
This branch of government has the Constitutional authority to create laws.
If a court declares a law to be outside of the enacting government’s jurisdiction, the law is found to be “……..” – (hint a Latin phrase with two words).
Constitutional law is “……”, meaning Constitution cannot easily be changed, except according to a special process.