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Cell Crossword Puzzle

Extra outer covering for plant cells only
States cells are the basic unit of life, all organisms are made up of one or more cell, and cells come from other cells
Breaks down food and releases energy
Describes a cell that does not have membrane bound structures
Moves materials around the cell and is made up of folded membranes
Packages cellular materials and transports them within/outside of the cell
A structure made of different types of tissues that work together
Structure in a eukaryotic cell that helps the cell
Amount of 3D space an object takes up
Directs all cell activity
Outer covering of all cells
Strand of hereditary material surrounded by a protein coating
A group of similar cells that work together
A group of organs that participate in the same activity
Organelle that allows plant cells to make their own food
Describes a cell that does have membrane bound structures
Gel-like substance inside a cell
Structure that makes protiens for the cell
Living cell in which a virus can multiply