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Paul's Third Mission - Acts 20-22

What emotion did the people feel as they knew they would never see Paul again?
What was the name of this prophet?
What was Paul prepared to do as a servant of the Lord?
What two doctrines did Paul teach most of all?
What emotion did Paul say he felt in doing what the Lord directed?
What word did Paul use as a metaphor for unfaithful people who would deceive faithful church members?
What was the first day of the week?
The chief captain commanded Paul to be scourged until he found out he was what?
What word do we use to describe the condition of those who turn away from the truth?
Why was Paul willing to go to Jerusalem?
What did Paul say was in him?
What story did Paul recount to the people?
Who would the Jews deliver him to?
What did Paul say he was willing to do for the name of the Lord, Jesus?
What was the young man's name?
What city did Paul stop in?
What two doctrines did Paul teach most of all?