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Ice Age Mammals

A land bridge between Asia and N. America
Large furry animals with two straight tusks
A river of ice
It could reach 14 feet high and run at 40 miles per hour
A term used to describe the coverings of the mammoth and rhinoceros
A class of animal that primarily ate meat
It had 12 inch long teeth
The manner by which living things deal with changing environments
When a species disappears from the earth
Native to N. America they went extinct here but came back with the Europeans
The largest of the mega fauna
The "picture" we have today of the Ice Age mega fauna
A class of animal that primarily ate plants
A "giant" animal with 12 inch claws
Large Ice Age mammals
Eating grasses
The environment in which a species lives
A time when sheets of ice covered large parts of the earth
Eating branches, leaves and shrubs
An animal that hunted in packs
An area where the earth below is permanently frozen
An Ice Age mammal that still lives in N. America
Its ancestors have one or two humps