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3rd grade, 1-30-2017, Week 21

18 words: were, does, I'm, I'll, really, several, since, know, no, buy, by, bye, be, bee, knows, nose, eye, its
Near or next to.
Understands or perceives; is familiar with.
Honey-making, stinging insect; a collective task like a "spelling bee."
Smelling organ of a a person or animal (snout); search around ("nose around").
Assorted, various, some, or different.
Contraction for "I will."
Purchase, acquire, or invest in.
Present tense of "do" for he, she, and it.
Optical organ of a person or animal (what you see with); gaze at or scrutinize.
negative, nix, or opposite of yes.
Past tense of "is" for we, you, and they.
Understand or perceive; be familiar with.
Between the present and a previous time; because.
Without a doubt, certainly, surely, or absolutely.
Contraction for "I am."
Possessive of it.
See you later! or So long! or Have a good day!
Exist or live; happen or occur.