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Cell Cycle Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

First phase of mitosis.
Unspecialized cells from which other cells develop.
A complex of DNA and histone proteins.
Programmed cell death
Encompasses Mitosis and Cytokinesis
Structure that holds the sister chromatids together.
Cells that can develop into most, but not all, tissues.
A disorder in which body cells lose the ability to control growth.
The production of genetically identical offspring from a single parent.
Process by which cells become specialized.
Having a nucleus
Stimulate the growth and division of cells.
Produces daughter cells through Mitosis.
Hollow ball of cells that forms in the first four days of embryonic development.
Tiny paired structures that build the mitotic spindle.
Final phase of Mitosis. The nucleus reforms.
Phase where DNA is replicated.
A mass of cancerous cells.
Divides the cell's cytoplasm
Third phase of Mitosis where the chromatids separate.
Phase where most of the cell's life is spent.
Divides the cell's chromosomes
Reproduction involving two parents and the combining of genetic material.
Another name for stem cells
Lacking a nucleus
The result of mitosis.
Final phase before mitosis.
Cells that are literally able to do everything.
Developmental stage that all organisms pass through.
Protein that regulates the cell cycle.