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6th Grade, 1-30-17, Week 21

ferocious, sharp, fight, capital, fill, deal, busy, bewildered, belittle, beside, bedazzle, befuddle, consecutive, sequential, consequently, prosecute, sequel, subsequent, personality, dejectedly,glumly, element, perspective, admonishing, malicious, deficiency, wistfully, diversity.
Malevolent, hateful, vengeful, wicked, mean-spirited.
Violent, cruel, vicious or fierce.
Captivate, astound, or bewilder.
Bring action against in court, sue, litigate, or put on trial.
Active or working or on the go; unavailable.
Confused, perplexed or shocked.
Cautionary, warning, or reproachful.
Next to or adjacent to.
After, following, later, or next.
Therefore, ergo, or as a result.
Criticize , disparage, or put down, or make someone fell bad or small.
Hopelessly, sadly, or wearily.
A person's character or traits, charm, nature, temperarment, charisma, or makeup.
Enough or capacity; put in and occupy the whole of.
Imperfection, inadequacy or failure.
Aspect or essential feature; a place where one feels comfortable ("He was in his element in the water.").
Knifelike or cutting; perceptive or intelligent; intense (pain); distinct (taste); on time ("3pm sharp"); stylish (sharp dresser).
Central or essential as in idea; financial assets; city of governmental seat of a state or country; upper case written letter.
Confuse, baffle, fluster, or disorient.
Viewpoint, outlook, mindset, or attitude.
Physical encounter, brawl or battle.
In sequence, successive, or chronological.
Follow-up or series.
Variety, difference or assortment.
Occuring in order.
Agreement; bargain; distribution of playing cards.
Unhappily, sorrowfully or despondently.
Sadly, cheerlessly, dolefully, or joylessly.