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Muslim Way of Life

Teacher: Gail Jones
Tower from which a crier calls believers to prayer five times a day
A Persian poet who wrote the Rubaiyat
A Muslim house of worship- (a temple or church for the Muslim religion)
Location of a building in Spain that is the most famous Muslim palace: Alahambra.
Another name for a marketplace
The name of an announcer,who calls believers to prayer five times a day
The name of a person who showed how diseases spread from person to person
He was known as the great Muslim historian who wrote that all civilizations rise, grow, and fall.
One of the best known Muslim chemists. He developed a system for categorizing by animal, mineral, or vegetable.
An Abbasid caliph who founded the House of wisdom in Baghdad.
Location of a very famous A building in India called the Tah Mahal.