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Rocks and Weathering

Teacher: Gail Jones
A characteristic that allows liquids or gases to pass through it.
This is the grinding away of rock by rock particles and is carried by water, ice, wind, or gravity. It causes mechanical weathering.
Takes place when rocks are broken down without any change in the chemical nature of the rocks. The rock is physically broken into smaller pieces.
Soluble in water. Carbon dioxide dissolves in the rainwater producing this weak acid that weathers rocks such as marble and limestone.
The transportation of sediment by water, wind, or gravity.
Ice widens in cracks freezes and expands and splits rocks.
A cause of mechanical weathering when the roots of trees enter into the cracks in rocks and over time pry them apart.
Takes place in almost all types of rocks and is the process that breaks down rocks through chemical changes.
This process is when iron combines with oxygen in the presence of water to produce rust.
Wearing away and breaking down of rock and other substances at the Earth's surface.
Burning of fuels that pollute the air and react chemically with water vapor in the clouds, causing chemical weathering.