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The Greatest Muhammad Ali

By Scott Holloway 5C
Birth name
In 1975 Ali and Frazier fought for the last time
From boxing for 3 years
Named by Sports Illustrated
Ali converted in 1965
Fear of flying
Rumble in the jungle 1974 fought George Foreman
Birth place of Ali
His beloved bicycle was stolen launching his boxing career
Ali developed due to the injuries he sustained throughout his career
Opponent in 1956 Olympics
Ali refused to accept induction into the US Army he was tried and found guilty heavyweight title was taken away
Gym he learned boxing
In 1964 Cassius Clay changed his name
In 1969 Ali appeared in broadway musical Big Time Buck White
Unanimously reversed Ali's conviction on refusing induction in 1971
Defeated Ali on March 8, 1971
On June 3, 2016 at the age of 74