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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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The element our sun is mostly made out of (H).
The amount of planets in our solar system
How many times the sun is bigger than the moon
The amount of layers that the sun has
The maximum amount of solar eclipses per year
The second farthest planet from the sun
The study of the stars and space
The item that is used to look at a solar eclipse
Most well known comet
The smallest planet in our solar system
Phase of moon that a solar eclipse occurs
The amount of planets we have in our solar system
The month that the next solar eclipse is occurring in
A person who studies the stars, and space
First manned space ship to reach the moon
What the indents in the moon are called
Occurs when the moon covers the sun
Where stars are born
The amount of rings Saturn has
The innermost part of the sun
The color of our sun
The object the earth is rotating around
The first man to ever walk on the moon
The number to this question
Amount of moons the earth has
A person who is trained to go into space
The state that most suns are in
The satellite(object) rotating around the earth
The particles our sun emits
Made of ice, dust, and small rocky particles