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Pre-Algebra Vocabulary Modules 3 - 6

Y = mx + b
A set of two or more equations that contain two or more variables
The point where the graph of a line crosses the x-axis
Exactly one output for each input
Our everyday way of writing numbers
Represented by k in y=kx
The horizontal change in a line when measuring slope
The value that results from the substitution of a given input into an expression or function
A number written using a base and an exponent
Ratio that compares two quantities measured in different units
The second number in an ordered pair
Represents a given point on the coordinate plane
Does not graph as a straight line
The value substituted into an expression or function
Relationship between two quantities in which the ratio of one quantity to the other is constant
The vertical change in a line when measuring slope
Ratios that name the same comparison
Indicates how many units to move left or right from the origin
A comparison of two quantities in different units when the second quantity is one
A function whose graph is a straight line
The point where a line crosses the y-axis on a coordinate plane
Measures the steepness of a line, rise/run