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Grade 8 Test Review Chapter 11

The revolt in Santo Domingo put an end France's plans in this territory
The Lewis and Clark party reached here after 18 months into their expedition.
What was Jefferson's philosophy regarding the power and size of the federal government? ​It should be ___
C ommander destroyed the British naval forces on Lake Erie
He wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner"
What is the name for the Supreme Court's process of reviewis of other branches of the government
Tecumseh joined forces with Great Britain after this battle
What set up regional courts for the United States in 1801
Before it was secretly transferred in 1802, the Louisiana Territory belonged to which country
This building was burned by the British
Which battle made Andrew Jackson a national hero and, eventually, helped him win the presidency
The death of Tecumseh lead the the end of the Native American ___
The presidential election of 1800 was decided in House of Congress
Politician died as a result of a duel
Not choosing sides during a war