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Orchestra Instruments

I am also sometimes called a Double Bass. I am the largest instrument in the Strings Family.
Some people think I'm a violin but I'm a little bigger and can play a little lower.
I make a very low sound. I'm made of brass and my name has 4 letters.
I am a large Percussion instrument. I am sometimes called a Kettle Drum. I have a pedal that can tighten or loosen my top.
I am the smallest woodwind and I play very high notes.
Most people know who I am. I am in the Strings Family and I have MANY strings.
I look very curly. I make a very nice sound and I am in the Brass Family.
I am in the Brass Family. I am the smallest one and I am always in the Jazz Band.
I'm in the Woodwind Family. You sit down when you play me. I'm bigger than a Viola and Smaller than the Double Bass. ( My name rhymes with the word Jello)
I'm in the Percussion Family. You can play a melody on me just like you can on the piano. Sometimes I'm wood, and sometimes I'm metal.
I am in the Strings Family and I'm just a little smaller than the Viola.
I am the largest drum. Sometimes you see me in parades.
You can find this drum in our classroom! It can make 3 distinct sounds.
I am the largest instrument in the Woodwind Family . My mouthpiece is a tube that comes out the side.
I belong to the Brass Family. To play me you slide my brass tubing in and out to get different sounds.
I am in the Woodwind Family. Many children start learning how to play in the school band. I have a mouthpiece with a reed and I'm played by Squidward!
I'm in the Woodwind Family. I am played to the side and the piccolo looks a lot like me.
I'm the only one in the Woodwind Family with a double reed. I am used to tune the orchestra!