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Facts About Books of the New Testament

Teacher: Mr. and Mrs. Nance
Portrays Jesus as the righteousness of God
Paul's letter to his trusted friend
Teaches that true faith is united with good works
Number of books in the gospels
One of the gospels
Letter exhorting disciples to continue in the faith
Portrays Jesus as One who feels what you feel
Portrays Jesus as you completeness
Portrays Jesus as Head of the Church
Warns a lady against false teachers
Praises Gaius for his hospitality
Letter setting forth the beauty of Christian kindness
Letter correcting errors into which church had fallen
Portrayed Jesus as the King of the Jews
A leader in the Colossian church
Referenced Christ's most important acts
Visions and revelations of the future of the Church
Letter maintaining we are justified by faith
Letter written to the Jews telling that Jesus is the fulfillment of OT prophecy
Traveled with Paul to Island of Crete
Foundation of the Christian Church
Portrays Jesus as your example
Number of Paul's letters to churches