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Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul

Teacher: Yoder
I figured the Beardos might try to ram use with their car , so I ___ for a impact.
A few day's later some people from the Homeowner's ___ knoked on our door.
But it started ___ the second I set it down.
Mom said putting the pig in the boat was ___.
She said the whole point of this trip is to do things we've never done before and to have ___ experiences.
He thought the ___ was his brains.
Me and my brother were happy because we were both dreading spending the week playing __.
Even though that whole __ left a bad taste in my mouth.
At that moment the air rushing in from outside ___ Flat Stanley from the vent.
It was actually a ___.
Mom said that we could use ___ baby wipes to get cleaned up .
I think we should give kids nap time all the way through ___.
The loby smelled like ___.
It turns out that I was wrong about the ___ number.
There was a ___ van in the parking lot.
Mom was just __ about going to the nursing home.
I pointed out that ___ isn't a real word.
He and his bandmates ___ Mrs. Tuttles house next door.
All the traffic went down to one lane and that didn't make use to ___ with the people trying to get across the bridge.
It was the key to ___ central.
We ended up postponing our trip to __ so we could visit aunt Lorettta.
I realy wished that my earplugs weren't buried in my ___ bag under a pile of suit cases.
Mom was right about ___ being smart.
Mom sent dad out to get some milk, but along the way he spotted a ___ for sale in someone's front yard.
I had to ___ the pig back into the cooler.