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Mr. Moses ELA 3rd 9 Weeks Quiz 2 Vocabulary

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Class Period: 1/2  4/5  6/7     Week 4 Test 2 Vocab
Verb also meaning to predict
Verb meaning to not accept
Noun meaning the events in a story
Adjective meaning holy or blessed
Noun meaning a country governed by an elected leader
Noun meaning the practice of treating people unfairly
Noun whose synonym means broke or poor
Noun meaning failing to pay
Adjective meaning impossible to take away
Noun meaning someone who is entitled to something
Noun meaning something happening in an opposite way
Adjective meaning very holy
Noun meaning a person who designs buildings
Noun meaning something used as a symbol of something else
Noun meaning making an official statement
Noun meaning person telling the story
Noun meaning something you must do
Adjective meaning very bad or shocked
Verb meaning to overreact
Adjective meaning not having enough
Noun meaning the practice of separating people
Noun meaning a story
Noun meaning real
Noun meaning a system of laws
Noun meaning to have prior knowledge of
Adjective meaning having no hope
Noun meaning the act of chasing or achieving
Noun meaning a situation where you are forced to leave
Noun meaning way of thinking
Noun meaning a story believed by many people, but is not true