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earth science crossword puzzle

Teacher: Mrs. Gamble
An underwater volcano.
A fan shaped deposit at the mouth of a river.
The moon has a gravitational pull on earth effecting the____.
The deepest part of the ocean is in a ____.
What is made when the wind blows over he surface of the ocean?
An indentation at the top of the mid ocean ridge.
A landform that has steep sides and is located in between two mountains.
A mound, hill, or ridge of wind blown sand.
A gently sloping shore next to a body of water.
Wears away earth materials by wind, water, and ice.
An area with high steep sides.
The area in the ocean that gets the most sunlight.
A landform which has steep slopes and is underwater.
A hill of sediment at the bottom of continental slope.
An opening in the earths crust that erupts lava and ash.