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Chapter 1 - Nerve Cells and Nerve Impulses

Teacher: Merrill
Electrical message sent down the axon.
Responsible for the myelination of the peripheral nervous system.
Refers to the gaps in between the myelin.
Refers to the period of time immediately after an AP when the cell cannot fire.
Responsible for myelination the central nervous system.
This must be passed for rapid depolarization to occur.
These neurons bring sensory information in.
Door-knob like protusions from the dendrites.
The cells that literally provide support for neurons.
This element causes depolarization.
The nerve cells that make up the nervous system.
What it is called when the membrane potential is lower than the RMP.
These cells act as our brains rapid response team.
Cells that produce cerebral spinal fluid.
Refers to the idea that some parts of the brain can create new neurons.
The finger like ends of an axon.
The name of the person that proposed the neural network hypothesis.
Refers the idea that our brains are alsways changing.
Openings in our brain.