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Unit - 2 Latin America

Unit 2 - Latin America
Country with a canal for ships to boat through faster.
Parallel mountain ranges.
Top layer of the earth that collides with one another commonly in Latin America.
Biggest country in South America
Worlds longest mountain range.
Famous plateau.
Most common language in Latin America.
What is a hard agricultural job in Latin America.
Mexico and Venezuela are the leading producers in this.
Long country down the west-most part of South America.
Rain forest ___ aid in research.
What hems the gulf?
Latin America has a smaller number of this water source.
Country in the Caribbean that is owned by America.
Water sources that provide hydroelectric power.
Latin America is full of these types of resources.
River border for America and Mexico.
Cold living a farming area in Argentina.
Lava spewing structures that shaped Latin America.
There is a lot of this along the gulf of Mexico.
Biggest island in the Caribbean.
A river that combines with a bigger river.
Newspaper read in the Dominican by nearly 500,000 people a day.
River that drains a large area: Amazon Basin.
Some plant ___ compounds show scientist how cancer cells grow.
Land that rises above the landscape.
A word for going place to place but is challenging in Latin America.
Rain forest are the source of many ____.
Poisonous ___ of a certain plants is used to treat diseases.
Northern- most country in middle America.