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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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3rd grade, 2-6-17, Week 22

15 (-all) words: mall, ball, tall, squall, kickball, enthrall, landfall, stall, overall, wall, recall, gall, install, pitfall, ball.
across, later, front, your, fish, cold.
From one side to the other side.
Belonging to you (your book).
A hidden danger, trap, or problem.
cold-blooded animals with gills, fins, and living only in water; throwing bait to catch seafood.
Next or happening after some time has passed.
Fascinate, charm or captivate.
A round toy that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game.
approach or see land from air or sea; the event of a storm moving over land after being over water.
Remembering; request for return of a damaged product or thing.
High in length or towering; exaggerated (tall tale).
A stand, booth, or kiosk used to sell things; delay or stop.
a sudden and violent gust of wind that brings rain or snow on land, and high waves at sea.
Shopping center.
Complete or including everything.
A game in which a ball is kicked instead of batted on a baseball-type field.
Set up or build in (like a dishwasher).
abnormal growth on a leaf, twig, or branch; disrespectful or bad manners.
Horrify or frighten.
Lead, beginning, or first.
Divider; obstruction; a vertiical structure that separates rooms.
Freezing or chilly; opposite of hot.