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Julius Caesar

Identify speaker of lines in quotes.
Not heard by others on stage
Caesar's grand nephew; next in line for power
First to stab Caesar
Tries to warn Caesar with a letter
Name of Shakespeare's theater
One character alone on stage voices his/her innermost thoughts
The turning point of a story
Conspirator and poet
Two lines in succession that rhyme
Sentences and paragraphs; not poetry
Silver coins left by Caesar
Ten syllable lines
Caesar's wife
Wounds her own leg
What Brutus calls the conspirators (ironically)
Latin for "you also Brutus"
"Do not consent to let Antony speak."
Ex. as a serpants egg
Build up of tension
"Pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth."
Portia's father
Written to be performed
Events add complications
Interprets Caesar's wife's dream
The ides of March
Mythological figures who control destiny
Roman commoners
"It must be by his death..."
Number of times Caesar was stabbed
"He will live and laugh at this"
Fortune teller who warns Caesar
A character that serves to contrast another character
Caesars flaw according to Brutus
Tells the conspirators to stoop and bathe
Elevated platform for public speaking