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6th Grade, 2-6-17, Week 22

customary, secondary, primary, beneficiary, sanctuary, penalty, penalize, penitentiary, repentance, vanished, vanquish, death, hole, coast, level, personality, dejectedly, glumly, element, perspective, ferocious, malicious, admonishing, deficiency, wistfully, diversity.
Hateful or vengeful.
The end of life, pass away, expire, stop being, demise, "curtains," or decease.
Vicious, violent, brutal, cruel, or barbaric.
Punishment for breaking the rules or law (also used in sports).
Feeling bad for a past action, grief, or guilt.
Smooth, balanced, matched, or aligned.
Traditional, accepted, established, or usual.
Punish, discipline, chastise, or fine monetarily.
Hopelessly or sadly.
Prison, correctional institution, the "slammer," or "the big house." (Worse than jail.)
Imperfection, fault, or flaw.
Defeat completely, conquer, or crush.
A place of refuge or safety; a nature preserve or park for animals; a holy place.
Variety, difference, or assortment.
Disappeared quickly and completely.
Warning, cautionary, or reproachful.
Opening in a solid object, gap, pit, cut, or crater.
View, outlook, mindset, or attitude.
Unhappily, despondently, sorrowfully, or forlornly.
Person's character or traits, charm, charisma, nature, or identity.
Essential feature, detail or component; a place where one feels comfortable, as "in his element."
Heir, recipient, person who gains or benefits.
Basic, essential, dominant, or elementary.
Less important, trivial (minor), or insignificant.
Sadly or gloomily.
Coastline, beach, shore, or border by water; glide along without much effort.