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Vocab List 15

Glittering; brillant
Devout or worthy
Something said, written, or sung with fervent emotion.
Economical in the use of resources.
To satisfy or appease by making amends.
Foreboding or fear of something bad to come.
An actress or actor
An authoritative command
To pretend or dissemble
To tempt or lure onward in a clever, artful manner.
Lower; below earth's surface.
Marked by insistence of conformity no matter what, with total disregard for extenuating circumstances.
Lax; negligent; careless
A display of bravery, brilliance, or daring.
To take the place of or replace because of superiority, or by force or treachery.
A woman taller and stronger than average.
Referring to ancient Greek and Roman cultures, especially their art, music, literature. and architecture.
A critic of human nature who believes that people only care about themselves.
To corrupt or debase.
A wailing, sorrowful cry or complaint.