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Chemistry Crossword

by Simon Colyn
Since a desk occupies space, it has _____.
The softness of a nickel makes the metal able to be drawn into thin wires, meaning nickel is _____.
The term used to identify what is 30 grams of calcium.
A solution of water and chlorine is an example of a _____.
A slow reaction between oxygen and certain metals creating rust is an example of _____.
Once gold reaches a certain temperature, it turns from a sold to a liquid and the gold has reached its _____.
A solution of pure chlorine is a _____.
Certain metals like Copper have the ability to _____ electricity and heat.
Since a chair is something, a chair is made of _____.
Since iron is made of only one type of atom , it is an _____.
If you had a silver cube that weighed 5 pounds and it was 8cm cubed, you could divide its mass over its volume giving you its _____.
If you put 10 grams of salt in 100 mL of water, you could see its _____.
Once mercury reaches a certain temperature, it rapidly turns into a gas and the mercury has reached its _____.
Since salt consist of two elements, sodium and chlorine, it is qualified as a _____.
Since copper is a metal that can be easily shaped into thin sheets, it is considered to be _____.
Sinve water can exist in a liquid, solid and a gas, it can be identified in more than one _____.