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HYDRAULIC MINING IN The California Goldfields

Sediments mixed with water in hydraulic mining form a _______, which is washed downwards to capture Gold. (448)
Mercury may act as a _______ disrupter. (555)
Inclined troughs called_________ carried sediments with water into a series of devices to catch the GOLD. (449)
__________mining proved to be an environmental Disaster. (449)
Mercury would wash down streams in California and ______ fish, amphibians and Invertebrates. (449)
Judge Sawyer ruled that mine tailings could no longer be discharged into the _______. (449)
The first environmental decision to be handed down in 1884 to regulate Mining was the___________decision. (449)
Long giant water __________ work 24 hours a day to send high- pressure streams of water into the mountainsides. (448)
_________ was added to the rifles to help capture the Gold. (449)
The devices used to catch the gold were called ________. (449)