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Plant parts crossword

Teacher: Snickerfritz
Type of specialized cell that controls the opening and closing of the stomata
Performs dual functions of protection and absorption
The type of cambium that begins as a thin layer and forms between the xylem and phloem
Vascular tissue responsible for the transport of nutrients and carbohydrates produced by photosynthesis
Supporting structure that connects roots and leaves and carries water and nutrients between them
A type of asexual reproduction
Method of growth in which stems increase in girth
Waterproof strip that surrounds plant endodermal cells
Regions between the nodes
Thin, flattened sections of a plant
Loss of water from a plant through its leaves
A specialized stem which grows horizontally at or just below the soil surface
Vascular tissue that carries water up from the roots to every part of the plant
Type of mesophyll that is loose with many spaces between its cells
Cells that have thick walls and contain fats, oils or waxes
An example of a plant that reproduces by using stolons
Type of ground tissue with a strong flexible cell wall; helps support larger plants
The plant that the scion is grafted onto
The type of growth that occurs only at the ends of plants
Type of root system found mainly in monocots
All tissue outside of the vascular cambium
The name of a piece of stem or lateral bud that is cut from a parent plant and attached to another plant
Parenchymal cells inside the ring of vascular tissue in dicot stems
Used to reproduce seedless plants
Spongy layer of ground tissue just inside the epidermis of a root
Angiosperms whose seeds have two cotyledons
Tiny plants produced at the tips of elongated stems
A cell where sugars are used or stored
Penetrates spaces in soil and produces a large surface area through which water can come through
A solid, swollen stem whose scales have been reduced to a dry, leaf-like covering
A force of attraction between unlike molecules
Place where leaves are attached to the plant
Closely packed mesophyll cells located under the epidermis that absorbs light that enters the leaf
Opening in the underside of a leaf that allows carbon dioxide and oxygen to diffuse into and out of the leaf
Another name for vascular tissue
A type of plant tissue found only in the tips of shoots and roots; responsible for plant growth
The best time in the plant's life cycle to graft
Type of ground tissue with a thin cell wall and large central vacuole
A long primary root with small secondary roots
A thin stalk that connects the blade to the stalk
Dark colored wood at the center of a tree
A type of tissue that is also known as the cotrtex
Lateral meristematic (cambium) tissue that produces the outer covering of stems
Together with epidermis forms a waterproof barrier that protects tissues and limits water loss through evaporation
Light colored wood that is active in fluid transport
Along with active transport, causes water and minerals to move inward through the cortex and into the vascular cylinder
Angiosperm whose seeds only have one cotyledon
An enlarged portion of an underground stem