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El Salvador

The bridge of land that connects North to South America
One of the leading sectors in El Salvador's economy
El Salvador is the ______ biggest country in population
Ranchers raise beef and ________
The Central Region has most of the country's _______ and farmland
This area in northern El Salvador has fewer people
Large sections of the Coastal Lowlands are used for ______
_________ came to what is now El Salvador 5,000 years ago
Many farmers work on large farms called ______
El Salvador broke away from _________ in 1821
Coffee and _________ are leading farm products
Bordered by Guatemala and ________
Capital and largest city
These lie along the Pacific shore and extend inland for 10 to 20 miles
El Salvador's largest river
About three-fourths of the people live here
The first of these in the area were invading Spanish soldiers
El Salvador has _____ main land regions
Most of the Indians are related to these people
__________ built huge pyramids in western El Salvador
El Salvador's main natural resource is its _______
The smallest Central American country in area