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ESL Vocabulary Units 6 & 7

Region where there is very little rainfall.
This word describes someone who wants to be successful.
A place where people who break the law are housed.
Cannot be done.
Saturday and Sunday
Persons who are shy or don't like to talk a lot to people they do not know.
a measure of how hot or cold something is.
Its opposite is hardworking.
What something or someone is like.
The Pacific is one example of this
Chips, pizza, and candy are examples of this.
Place where you can get coffee or tea.
Everything is stored in its own place
What is necessary to start growing a plant.
A measure of how heavy something is.
Unwanted plant in a garden
Place where you can see art
What a person has when their inside ear hurts.
Something that is used to cook food
Try not to do something.
This word describes people who are able to talk about their feelings
What something or someone looks like.
This word could describe a car that doesn't always start every morning.
Like something
Very old