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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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NAME ____________________________________

An old English word that means plant.
A root with a thick center part is called a ________.
Seeds on angiosperm are enclosed in a ______.
A small fuzzy appearing non-vascular plant.
CO2 is the formula for ________
A waxy waterproof coating on leaves that keeps them from drying out.
The cell part that contains a green pigment and is the site of photosynthesis.
Vascular tubules that carry food from the leaves to the rest of the plant.
Mosses are anchored by root like structures called _______.
When fertilization occurs, a ______ forms.
Seed leafs that contain food for the developing plant.
Seedless vascular plants use ______ to reproduce.
A starting material for photosynthesis that plants draw in through their roots.
A flowering plant is an _________.
Vascular tubes that carry water up from the roots are __________.
A bean is an example of a ___________.
A non-vascular plant that looks like a human organ.
A storage sac in plant cells. A plant wilts when too much water has left its _______.
The most common type of gymnosperm.
The energy source that powers photosynthesis
Another name for all the colors of the rainbow is the visible _____.
An angiosperm that has one cotyledon.
The primary pigment in leaves is ________.
A product of photosynthesis which we breath in is _________.
A common seedless vascular plant.