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The U.S Constitution

Figurehead of the executive office
Twenty seven of me there are, after the bill of rights you’ve gotten quite far
A presidential power to remove legislation
The act of questioning the validity or integrity of someone in office
The approval of a law by either the states or congress
You can gain this by naturalization or by birth
Library of _____
Branch of government that can declare war on another nation
A large portion of a group or population
Life, ______, and the pursuit of happiness
A fighting group made up from the civilian population
I am the first part of the constitution
Financial support given to people in need; OR the well being of a person
An agreement made between two nations
Law that the government passed to ban booze
Death and ____
A branch of government that can impeach the president
Citizens being forced to accommodate soldiers in their homes
Rules that have to be followed
Group tasked with protecting the nation and its interests
Matters relating to “home”, or the United States
Branch responsible for reviewing laws
The right to vote
People who are chosen to vote in the president
When accused of a crime, you have to stand this