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Football for Dummies

Author: Zachary Lewark, PE 1
City in Indiana where the College Hall of Fame is located (2 words).
Stars of the offensive line.
Name of the only known touchdown scored while running through the opposition's marching band (2 words).
Month that the NFL drafts college players.
Point after touchdown abbreviation.
Defensive lineman who lines up directly across from the center, "nose to nose" (2 words).
Program started by the NFL to teach football skills to boys ages 12 to 18 (4 words).
Hand that a holder uses to catch the ball before placing it on the playing surface.
Coach called "the Genius" in the 1980s (2 words).
Minimum amount of yards that receiving teams must line up from where the ball is kicked.
Act of a defensive player catching a pass.
The conference that has 12 members located in the Midwest including Indiana (2 words).
One of the highest-rated show on network television (2 words).
Marks 70 feet, 9 inches from the sidelines in the NFL.
Age author moved out of Boston to live with his uncle and saw his first football game.
Area bounded by goal lines and sidelines.
Best stadium in pro football (2 words).
Player who is the last line of protection for the punter.
Fastest of the defensive backs.
A Roman catholic college that historically has been the most recognized college football power (2 words).
Played against Rutgers in the first college football game.
Pro football Hall of Famer Author of the book "Football for Dummies" (2 words).
Father of American football (2 words).
Type of stance an offensive lineman often use especially if the team plans to pass (2 words).
Amount of regular season games played by a NFL team each season.