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Cell Division

'Sister' chromosomes
Cells that contain a nucleus
Cells with 1 set of chromosomes
Mitosis time when sisters pull apart
Sperm and Egg Cells
Reproduction that requires 2 mates
Mitosis time when chromosomes line up
Phase time when cell splits
Number of chromosomes in a human body cell
Reproduction that needs no mate
Time in cell's life when regular cell stuff gets done
Thingy that holds 2 chromatids together
Mitosis time when nucleus re-forms
Thingy that pulls chromosomes
Repeated stages of a cell's life
Structure of chromatin and DNA
Where animal cells split
Cells with 2 sets of chromosomes
Part of interphase where DNA is replicated
Type of cell with no nucleus
Thingy in animals cells that moves chromosomes
Chromosomes in a human gamete
Mitosis time when nucleus starts to disappear
Division of nucleus