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Psychology vocab perfect 10

The act of filling in memory with statements that make sense but that may be untrue
Methods of conductor standard for pryer and responsible behavior
The attempt to understand behavior in terms of relationships between observable stimuli and observable responses
A loss of memory that may occur after a blow to the head or as a result of brain damage
A type of learning that involves stimulus response connections in which the response is conditional on the stimulus
Techniques of memorizing information by forming vivid associations or images, which may facilitate recall and decrease forgetting
The awareness of one's own cognitive processes
The exclusion from conscious awareness of a painful, unpleasent, or undesirable memory
A state of consciousness resulting from a narrowed focus of attention and characterized by heightened suggestibility
Over time among individuals who are defined by some shared temporal experience or common life experience
The ability to remember with great accuracy visual information on the basis of short-term exposure
The apparent sudden realization or understanding of the solution to a problem
The process of learning behvior through observation and imitation of others; copying behavior