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New Testament Doctrinal Mastery

_________life is knowing God and Jesus Christ.
Each person will stand before God to be __________.
________can make you wise unto salvation.
The ______is preached to the dead.
If ye love me, keep my ____________.
Only ______ can a man and a woman fulfill the Lord's plan.
We must be born of water and of the _______to enter the kingdom of God.
_______without works is dead.
The Lord _______ and ordains apostles and prophets.
There are three degrees of _______in the resurrection.
Jesus Christ promised to build His Church and confer the _____ of the kingdom.
The Lord's Church is _________ on apostles and prophets.
In _______shall all be resurrected.
Let your light so_________.
Your body is a __________.
If we come unto Jesus Christ, He will ease our _________and give us rest.
Peter prophesied of the _____________.
God is the _______ of our spirits.
If you lack wisdom, ask _____.
Love the Lord, Love thy ________.
_______was foretold.
Jesus Christ was resurrected with a body of ______ and bone.
Do God's ____to know His doctrine.
Apostles and prophets help ________ the saints.
We can only _____ the things of God through the spirit.