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A book written by Adolf Hitler that set forth his beliefs and his goals for Germany.
Living space.
A meeting of Germany, France, Britain, and Italy in Munich, Germany.
Some thinkers turned to this philosophy while searching for meaning in an uncertain world
A German philosopher that wrote that Western ideas such as reason, democracy, and progress had stifled people’s creativity and actions.
A temporary alliance of several parties.
A program of government reform.
A popular musical style
A newspaper editor and politician that promised to rescue Italy by reviving its economy and rebuilding its armed forces.
The German brand of fascism
a new, militant political movement that emphasized loyalty to the state and obedience to its leader.
An American pilot that captured world attention with a 33-hour solo flight from New York to Paris.
the key to Einstein’s idea
The 32nd president of the United State.
An Austrian physician that treated patients with psychological problems
The monarch of Spain.
A little-known political leader whose early life had been marked by disappointment.
A long business slump.
German-born physicist that offered startling new ideas on space, time, energy, and matter.
Germany, Italy, and Japan.
An art movement that sought to link the world of dreams with real life