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Prefixes mid and inter

Mrs. French will call the classes to the cafeteria on the _______.
Mentos and Coke will _____ and cause a huge explosion.
Mr. Walsh will need to ______ if there is a problem between two students.
I am the _____ child in my family.
When two roads _________ they should have a stop sign or a stop light.
Please do not _______ when your mother is talking.
Meet me at the coffee shop in _______.
Airplanes need to be careful to avoid ______ collisions.
Puzzle pieces should _______ tightly.
When making a paper airplane you usually start with folding the corners in to the _______ of the paper.
The player returned to ball to ________ after the kickoff.
The Patriots were able to ______ the ball and make a touchdown.
Wednesday is usually considered ____.
Fairfax is _____ between Burlington and St. Albans.