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3rd Grade, 2-13-17, Week 23

bought, thought, cough, flour, cloud, could, would, should, taught, caught, because, vault, fault, done, money, cause, effect, group, best
Cash, or currency accepted as exchange for goods and services.
Purchased or paid for.
Origin or explanation.
Taken; captured or seized.
Idea, concept, or formation of mental objects.
Number of individuals together; classify or sort.
Mass of water particles in the air, fog, or mist.
A safe in a bank; to jump over (verb).
Mistake or error.
Accomplished or finished.
Most excellent, finest, or first-rate.
On account of, or as a result of .
Probably will.
Result or outcome.
Educated or instructed.
Crush into fine grains, or sprinkle fine grains.
Past tense of "will."
Expelled air with sound, croup, or hack.
Is able or may.