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Renaissance, Reformation & Monarchies

Ruled by right from God.
Portuguese explorer who organized expedition to the East Indies
Describes Luther's break with the church and the movement it inspired
Most famous humanist
Created the famous sculpture of David
Painted by Michelangelo
Leader of Russia
Lead to education being more readily available
Originally a Catholic priest who began the reformation
Church of Rome finally gives in to reforms and Lutherans gain right to practice their religion
Westernized his country and brought it first newspapers.
"rebirth," beginning of modern world
This ruler claimed divine right
Formed to teach people about the strengths of the Catholic religion
Sun King
One of the city states where the Renaissance began.
Famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci
This ruler is from England and had 6 wives
Wealthy people who sponsored artists.
Another name for people in Parliament.
Meeting with leaders of church to decide what to do about grievances
Payment for sin
Designed the printing press
Outlined what the church would do to resolve grievances
Painted the Birth of Venus
First King of Scotland then became King of England
Was hostile to Parliament
Powerful family who ruled Florence.
Period which a monarch rules for