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World Geography: Chapters 11-13 (+review)

The religion of Muslims, who follow the teachings of their holy book, the Koran
An area in the desert with enough fresh water to grow crops or sustain life
The rich soil carried by river water
Hill made of shifting sand
A group of people who have a common language, culture, and set of values
An underground water source
Not having enough of something
A person whose ancestors are African & European
A ruler or king
A system of building, using, and distributing wealth & resources
A person who moves from place to place
An economy in which the government makes the key economic decisions
Farmers use chemicals on the same field every year
A place where different cultures come into contact with one another
A climate with long, cold winters & short, warm summers
A system in which people, not the government, own businesses -- also called capitalism
The followers of Judaism
The religion of the Jewish people who believe in one God as the creator of the universe
A chain of islands made up of coral
An organized killing of groups of people, especially Jewish people
A religion that believes good & evil spirits influence a person's life
The followers of the Islam religion
A person who does not believe in God
Farmers use a field for a few years, then move to a different field
A place where a river becomes narrow; a strait that connects two bodies of water
The breaking up of a geographical area or a group of people into smaller groups; these smaller groups often fight with one another
Combining farming crops & animals
Having to do with people from central Asia who settled in eastern Europe
When a person trained for one job must accept another job that pays less & requires fewer skills
The waste produced by atomic power plants
A large area of land that is not an island
A person who has both native & European ancestors
A crop raised to be sold by those who grow it
A hot, dusty wind that sweeps northward from the Sahara
A swampy, evergreen forest bordering on the arctic tundra