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Biology Chapter 10

Teacher: Elizabeth Taflingewr
___ contain recombined alleles, but they occur in reduced numbers because crossing-over is infrequent.
____ where all possible types of sperm are lined up vertically, and all possible types of eggs are lined up horizontally or vice versa, so that every possible combination of gametes that offspring may inherit occurs within this square
______ occurs when a single gene has more than one effect.
When an organism has two identical alleles
____ is the type you are most likely to find in natur: its an allele or phenotype that is common for a certain gene in a population
____ occurs when a trait is governed by two or more sets of alleles.
_____ is exhibited when the heterozygote has an intermediate phenotype between that of either homozygote.
____ is used to determine whether an individual with the dominant trait has two dominant factors for a particular trait.
The word ___ refers to the physical appearance of the individual.
The word ____ refers to the allele an individual receives at fertilization. this may be indicated by letters or phrases.
Was discovered by scientists performing Drosophila crosses.
This means an individual has two different alleles for the trait.
______ says that the chance of two (or more) independent events occurring together is the product of their chances of occurring separately
Usually do not exhibit a recessive trait, but they are capable of passing on a recessive allele for a trait.
Another type of inheritance that differs from Mendel's findings because more than one allele is fully expressed.
This is called this because it mask the expression of this allele by the dominant allele
Individual that is heterozygous for two traits
Mendels first law of inheritance which states: each individual has twp factors for each trait, the factors segregate during the formation of the gametes, and etc.
____ refers to such genes carried on the X chromosome
It is named this because of its ability to mask the expression of the other allele.
Scientists use this linkage data to show the relative distance between the gene loci on a chromosome.
Traits are controlled by alleles that occur on the chromosomes at a particular location called ___