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Christian Morality Unit 1

NAME __________________________________
The tendency of all humans beings toward sin
A popular summary of Catholic doctrine, usually in book form
(2 words) The Law of Moses; the first stage of God's Revelation
(2 words) Divine Law revealed in the New Testament through the teachings of Jesus.
The most serious effect of Original Sin
The original state of human beings and their relationship to God
(2 words) The state of complete harmony that our first parents had with their inner self, with each other, and with all of creation.
The Ten Commandments
(2 words) The moral law that can be understood through our intellect and the use of reason is called____.
The first five books of the Old Testament
The primary sin against the 1st Commandment
___ of the Church are the basic obligations for all Catholics to the Church.
The process by which God frees us from sin and sanctifies us.
(2words) Is the order in creation that reflects God's will and purpose.
Is the innermost aspects of ourselves
______ of the Church ask us to participate in the Church's sacramental life, and the Church's mission in the world.
The official body of laws that provide good order in the CHURCH.
(2 words) fulfillment of God's saving plan, the work of salvation accomplished by Jesus through his; life, Passion,death, Resurrection and Ascension.
Is made up of the bishops of the world and the pope.
The Sermon on the Mount begins with these, Laws of Love
(2 words) The pattern of specific events in human history that reveal God's presence and saving actions
(2 words) These govern the relationship human beings have with God and with one another.
The source of all true law.
(2 words) Our body and soul are completely united we call this---
Our souls will be united with our resurrected bodies at--
(2 words) The basis for moral responsibility, and the gift from God that allows human beings to choose from various actions
To make something holy.
Laws based on _________ are true only in a particular place and time.