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Constitutional Law By: Amir Bayat

A stage in a case in which both parties are able to compel the release of facts or documents relating to the case.
An application to have a lower court decision reviewed by a higher court.
The authority of a court or judge to render a decision and enforce the law in a particular case.
A legal status accorded to a person or entity (.e.g., a government) which places them beyond the reach of the law.
A list of filings (i.e., motions, responses, briefs) in a case.
A theory of liability that extends legal liability beyond the direct perpetrator of an illegal act to others who have participated in the commission of the act.
Prescribed or authorized by statute or law, as in a statutory right.
In ‘Common Law’ legal systems, a precedent is a decision adopted by a court which will be followed by other courts in subsequent cases with similar circumstances.
An individual that has been wronged and brings a suit to court
A person or entity, including corporations, in a court case, against whom charges or claims have been bought.
A court order prohibiting someone from a specific course of action.
A wrongful act, not including a breach of contract, that results in injury to another's person, property, reputation, or the like, and for which the injured party is entitled to compensation.