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6th Grade: Chapter 11: Early Civilizations of India Sections 3 & 4

Buddhist sect that focuses on the wisdom of the Buddha.
Liberation from reincarnation. Main goal of Hinduism.
Religion of the Vedic India, based on priests and rituals, particularly sacrifices to the gods.
In Buddhism, a state of perfect wisdom.
To calm or clear the mind, often focusing on a single object.
A state of blissful peace without desire or suffering.
A person's duty or what is right for him or her.
In Hinduism, the effect of a person's actions in this life and in previous lives.
Rebirth of a soul in a new body.
Avoiding doing harm to any living thing.
Secluded religious community.
In Hinduism, the supreme cosmic consciousness, spiritual force, or God.
Buddhist sect that focuses on the compassion of Buddha.