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Ch. 7, Lesson 1, 2, 3: Sparta, Athens, and the Persian Empire

Flat, open space in a Greek polis for gathering and markets
A settlement that keeps very close ties with its home polis
The shards of pottery that citizens wrote on when voting on whether or not to kick someone out of town.
Greek historian who wrote "History of the Persian Wars"
The first civilization in Greece
The name of the peninsula on which Sparta is located
Spartan king who lead the Greeks into battle at Thermopylae
Greek word for "high city"; it is where the most important government and religious buildings were.
Leader who reorganized the Persian government and divided the empire into satrapies.
Persian leader who defeated the Greeks at Thermopylae
Greek word for an independent city-state
Early leader who expanded the Persian Empire with his strong army.
People who came after the Minoans and founded the city of Athens.
The people who are in charge in a true direct deomcracy
Landform in which the land is surrounded by water on three sides
A tight formation of soldiers protected by interlocked shields
Man who introduced the Persians to the idea that there is one supreme God
People who came down from the mountain and founded the city of Sparta
Slaves in Sparta, usually people from other poleis that the Spartans conquered
A Greek citizen-soldier